Our Rums


Our line consists of colourful, rich and complex authentic Jamaican rum. We are proud to offer only the best to Jamaica. The rums that you were waiting for are here, come and experience it. Explore and choose your favourite from these:


Port Royal Gold

Using old and new techniques, we have developed Port Royal Gold, especially for the sophisticated markets. Gold is smooth coloured rum, aged in oak barrels. For your mixed drinks, Royal Gold’s 40% alcohol volume adds a touch of class.


Port Royal Silver

K R B Lea has truly the lightest rum under the name of Port Royal Silver. Sensual, youthful and passionate, Silver can be tried with a mix of margarita, martini or cosmopolitan with a twist of lime. It’s for everyone and every day, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the mood in just the right quantity.


Port Royal Amber

We present to you, Port Royal Amber – an aromatic blend of 4 aged and current crop marks rums. The elegant yet intricate Royal Amber pleases the most discerning palate. K R B Lea’s exceptional quality flavoured rum is good enough to be drunk straight.


White Overproof

With a volume of 63% alcohol, K R B Lea has their strongest rum called Port Royal White Overproof. White Overproof is only for those who can appreciate it, mix it with their drinks, or are brave enough to have it on the rocks. For a perfect rum punch, Port Royal White is the one to go for!

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