International Rums



International Rums

Sip and savour on distinct rums, each with its own flavour and personality. With proven success in Jamaica, KRB Lea Rums are now being enjoyed internationally, enabling aficionado’s with discerning pallets to indulge in these exceptional rums. Try one or all to experience the libations that embody and capture the history, spirit and character of Jamaica.
KRB Lea Jamaica Rums Ltd. exports the following 5 rums under the MESSADO brand:

Messado White Overproof – 63% alc/vol

This rum is indeed the Jamaican people’s rum. It is definitely not for the fainthearted. It is a strong rum for those who can appreciate it. It is perfect for a rum punch, mai tai, daiquiri, mixed with Jamaica’s premier grapefruit drink ‘Ting”, or if brave…on the rocks. White Rum has many uses, taken with honey and lime, it is believed to cure colds, it is used to christen newborns and to purify the dead and it is even locally believed that if you are building a house a sprinkle of white rum around the foundations will keep the evil spirits away!


Messado Select – 40% a/c/vol

An aromatic blend of 4 aged and current crop marks rums. This elegant yet intricate Royal Amber flavour pleases the most discerning palate. A perfect choice to drink straight.

Messado Silver – 40% a/c/vol (current crop clear rum)

This is one of the lighter rums. It is sensual and passionate and definitely youthful. Try it in a margarita, martini or cosmopolitan with a twist of lime. The mix ability and versatility of this rum is sure to please.


Messado Spice – 40% alc/vol (current crop rum vanilla flavoured)

Specially blended by our Master Blender, this Spiced Rum has a sophisticated whiff of vanilla and will please all rum lover

Messado Irie Fire Rum – 40% a/c/vol (current crop clear rum)

Hot Shot that’s Fiery Hot’ – The most recent addition to our label is Irie Fire – This cinnamon liqueur is blended with fine Jamaica rums.


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