About Us


Over 20 Years of Experience

KRB Lea Jamaica Ltd has been manufacturing rum since 1992. Our current product line consists of eight distinct rum offerings each with its own flavour and personality. With proven success in its home market of Jamaica, Our rums are now being introduced to the rest of the world so that people with discerning pallets can now indulge in these exceptional rums. Produced in unique pot stills, the Port Royal rums are made up of supplies from the world famous National Rums of Jamaica Limited.


K R B Lea Rums Limited produces the wickedest Jamaican rums prepared in a lush and fertile location. The unique and aromatic quality of our rums is inherited from their craft production in the most favourable air, soil and water.We manage the production of our rums carefully from start to finish. Our team only chooses the best quality sugarcane and use natural and fresh yeast in the process of fermentation. We employ unique blending, bottling and distillation techniques for crafting our delicious rums with passion, warmth, and dedicated spirit. National Rums has the largest variety of rum markets of any distillery in the world.

Our shareholders love their land and remain dedicated and true to the growth of K R B Lea. Peter Thomas, George McLeish, Geoffrey Messado, Gordon Messado and Howard Hamilton have a strong passion for producing each barrel of rum of the best quality.

We aim to deliver the world’s finest rum from Jamaica, prepared in expert guidance, perfected by master blenders to make it the smoothest and most delicious rum ever.

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